Lots of creative conversations and sharing at today’s meeting at the Willow Gallery. Good to welcome Anna Doggart this afternoon, and great to all have lots to share re work, visits exhibitions, ideas etc. Des brought along a lovely sculpture beautifully echoing the tenderness of a father for his new baby daughter, John Bolton is back into painting again, Hilary explained the print processes we learned at Ruth Thomas’s workshop from last week, Josie updated us on her portrait painting, John on a newly landed exciting book project, Diana updated everyone on her Hillfort connected work, Sandy had some delightful sketches to share, Rob shared the work he had covered exploring colour in Tereska’s recent workshops and Josie and John had lots to share on the nature of Asperges Syndrome and  John’s book https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11293594-something-different-about-dad