Mair Hughes

Mair, artist in Residence for the Montrgomery Canal Project immersed herself in the life and history of the Canal, sketching, photographing, thinking and meeting local people. One of the artworks that resulted is now displayed in the Powysland Museum in Welshpool. It will be there on display until Christmas.

Yesterday, to celebrate,  Mair met with some of the local women who helped her realise her ideas in the form of a stitched banner that looks back at some of the history and associations of the canal, but also looks forward to the continued, if different ways we celebrate and use the canal.


Mair with Joan Zorn and Liz Sowerby


Joan Zorn, Diana Baur and Liz Sowerby




The banner has the stitched signatures of the 7  contributors on the back

The Museum is a delightful place to visit. A small amount of parking outside and more in the adjacent Morrison’s Supermarket. Currently there is also an exhibition of beautiful lino cuts by Eric Gaskell on display in the same room as the banner.