John G. Swogger,

local archaeological illustrator and artist presented a group of us, concerned about the potential loss of local heritage assets, with some exciting ideas today at The Willow Gallery Oswestry.

Against the backdrop of the Hillfort Exhibition, in which he is showing some framed examples of his Gillray inspired cartoons,


John brought examples of some of his publications which aim to make sometimes difficult/specialist  and  “wordy” information accessible to all through a comic format. Some of his works are huge – as in the The Romans and the River panel which is on display in the London Museum.

John stressed that the aim is not to dumb down the content of academic works, but simply to encourage and inspire people to find out more about a fascinating subject that has relevance to us all, especially these days when so much of our past, our history, and green spaces is threatened by the relentless march of a questionable “progress”.

We left inspired and asking lots of questions, so watch this space for future developments! If  you are interested to know what these might be, please get in touch.

If there is time this Saturday 21st May after the music performance and raffle at 3.0 pm in The Willow Gallery, we can invite artists and others interested to discuss ways this might be taken forward.