Today, at the opening event of the exhibition “Artists Hugging the Hillfort” we were treated to a number of interesting perspectives, both from the works displayed, the conversations that they prompted  amongst the visitors and some of the artists, and an excellent talk by John Swogger. John drew really interesting connections, parallels and differences between those things that engage archaeologists, and those things that engage artists. Being an archaeological illustrator himself, with acres of experience both working in the field of archaeology, illustration and as an artist of both 2D and 3D works, he gave us all a creative boost and lots to think about.

Some of us were privileged to hear Mo Vyse explain her large aerial view multiple hillfort painting and the connections between hillforts – one might refer to them as an iron age internet! Mo stressed the importance of valuing and preserving our heritage, saying that once it becomes marginalised, ignored or de-valued it acquires a legendary status. Once that has happened its a very short step to it becoming a myth…….fading into a possible untruth, and its existence is then questionable. We must not let that happen.

Happily another two exhibits in cabinets contain some really beautiful hillfort paintings by some of the children from Holy Trinity School. The campaign group HOOOH very much hope that when these children are adults they will still be able to enjoy Old Oswestry Hillfort and its setting and everything that that means from an environmental, historical, cultural and aesthetic point of view.

The exhibition runs untl Saturday 21st May when a closing event involving poetry and music and the drawing of the Hillfort Raffle will take place. Times to be announced – please watch this space.Why not come and join us?