Pls share widely. More worrying revelations and yet more reasons to join the hillfort hug this Valentine’s Sunday, 1pm. Let’s make a stand against misplaced, money-chasing development targeting Old Oswestry’s beautiful but already fragile setting.

The website of OSW004 planning agent, J10, appears to be advertising that the bigger hillfort ‘masterplan’ is still on the cards. It also suggests ithas ‘planning consent’ for the hillfort development, before a planning application has even been made. Check it out here. …

A bigger chunk of Old Oswestry’s landscape is clearly at stake. J10 informed the Inspector at the SAMDev hearing that it would be making a planning application for all of the ‘North of Oswestry masterplan’, including sites OSW002 & OSW003 that were rejected.

While bad enough, the 117 houses at OSW004 are truly the thin end of the wedge. The signs are that the gradual long-term enclosure of this national heritage jewel by Oswestry’s northern urban extension is still the endgame.

Join the fight, join the hug on Old Oswestry. This Sunday (Feb 14) at 1pm.12642853_930624676974252_2029643937185971824_n18597409