Today we were very privileged to visit  the Gold Award Yew Tree House - home of artists Jo and Clive Wilson. Jo is interested in mosaics and enamelling and Clive in carving, painting and didgeridoo making.

A truly amazing place both inside and out. We started with tea and delicious home made flapjacks, some sharing of our art interests and an introduction to Didge* the dog,  and then had a tour of the house. I say house, but it is more like a beautiful gallery with stunning views through the windows, and stunning artwork on the walls and displayed on shelves. Some of this work is their own and some is by other artists such as Gill Crozier and Jan Singleton.

The house tour was followed by a garden and studio and workshop tour in 3 acres of wonderful lawns and woodland areas and everywhere one caught glimpses of huge carved artworks, arrangements of stones, mosaics and other delights. It was a bit like a journey through a secret garden and took us all back to our childhoods.

Huge thanks to Jo and Clive from all the Inside Out artists who visited- we left inspired and filled with creativity, determined to return again sometime in the future! Below are a few photographs that capture the experience.





One of Jan Singleton’s lovely glass works!



Talking (?) Heads?


… heads……



Interesting tree branches, enhanced by some carving to take your imagination for a ride!


….And a glimpse of insight into the making of Didgeridoos!

IMG_7717……with Clive giving us a demonstration!

*A shortening of Didgeridoo!