Carbon Meets Silicon

Oriel Sycharth Gallery

8 – 11 September 2015

Private View Monday 7 September 6pm

The title of the exhibition was inspired by Alan Turing and his exploration of artificial intelligence versus cognitive psychology. The question of whether thoughts and consciousness can be produced by mechanical systems has fascinated computer scientists, mathematicians, cognitive psychogists and artists since the 1950’s. Many thought the difference between these two fields could be resolved if we understood whether artificial intelligence was indeed possible; and that our ‘carbon’ based brain could be replaced by a ‘silicon’ based computer.

This exhibition explores the concept of ‘carbon’ and ‘silicon’ as metaphors for the changing face of art practice over the last 50 years. Carbon references the materiality of the art object, the tradition of art materials such as paint, bronze etc. and silicon references how this materiality is questioned in light of new media utilising the digital or the virtual bringing artists closer to scientists and engineers. When the the chemical compound ‘carbon’ combines with ‘silicon’ it creates ‘silicon carbide’, a compound that exists as artificial diamonds and star dust; a transformative process that is akin to the alchemy of art making.

This exhibition includes artwork by the following artists:

Cerys Alonso, Andrew Bracey, Steve Carrick, William Card, Simon Hall, Lesley Halliwell, Rory Hickford, Paul Jones, Coryn Smethurst, Andrew Lowe-Smith, Ian McArthur, Guy Mayman, Annie Morrad, Susan Liggett, John McClenaghen, Estelle Thompson, Jill Townsely, Tracy Piper-Wright and Jonathan Weinel.

The exhibition has been curated by Dr Susan Liggett

A catalogue will be produced to accompany the exhibition which will be availble to download from the Oriel Scyharth Gallery website.

ITA(15) Expo Events

Wednesday 9 September 11am – 1pm

Exhibitors will demonstrate or talk informally about their work in the Oriel Sycharth Gallery

Wednesday 9 September 2 – 4pm

Workshop, Lecture Theatre (Nick Whitehead or B118)

“Art, Design, Science, Technology and Applications – Interface Issues, Challenges and Opportunities”. Click here for the full workshop progamme

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