Smoke and mirrors 1 Smoke and mirrors 2If you missed last night’s experience at Kinokulture, here is a scan of the paper describing the films we saw. It was not so much a going to the flix as a new experience of film.

Thought of Hayley Parfitt and how much she would have enjoyed the work by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy from 1930 – kinetic sculpture and light – right up her street! Also it was fascinating to hear Sophie Michael talk about her creative thinking in respect of her films. She does not see herself as a film maker, rather a sculptor exploring colour and form in space playing constantly with depth and scale through the medium of film. We were also treated to a film made by some pupils from The Marches School in Oswestry who had watched this set of films and then responded in their own way drawing, scratching and painting straight onto the film reel. They produced an exciting work.