Diana just came across this artist on Twitter because she followed one of Diana’s tweetsdownpatrick-iHere is her interesting website and some thoughts on her blog that seem really helpful. Enjoy!



“My mood affects the painting every day.  Some days good.  Some days bad.  Some days not so good.  I’m working on 61 x 61 cms canvases – moving from one to the other – around six in all.   I’m aware that the ‘feeling’ is important in the work.  When the ‘feeling’ kicks in, I know the painting is working, but it’s a long haul before that happens.  And I’m far too impatient.  I’ve been really taken with Nicholas Wilton’s posts about this process – about monitoring how we ‘feel’ when we make the work.  This is a key factor in creative integrity.  And it’s the exhausting part of the process.  Anyone who says we do this to relax is well wrong!  So how did I feel making the works below?  Well …  I felt excited  – in the zone, as they say, where the colours had juicily mixed down on the palette and I was responding to each and every mark.  The black stack appeared from nowhere – unplanned – a split second of a brain thought and the marks were made.  Memory and feeling together.”