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“23 Hounds” exhibition will still be on at The Gallery on 25th March when we intend to hold our next get-together at 2.0 pm. We need to take stock and make plans for sketching days and gallery visits. Please join us and bring along all your ideas, please also bring your sketchbooks and any information on the artworks you are doing and the exhibitions you have been to or are intending to visit. Borderland Visual Arts group are currently preparing their June event which includes Open Studios, a group show in the Willow throughout June as well as paid for workshops in the Dunbabin room and some artist’s studios, as well as free demos in the gallery and in studios throughout the month of June. You may be interested to get an early preview of courses that you might wish to sign up for.

Very much looking forward to seeing you there at The Willow on 25th March. Happy creating until then. Best wishes Diana and John.