A local and highly talented teacher in a Pant school near Oswestry, is taking Oswestry and Shropshire’ as her topic for the spring term and would like to introduce the children to contemporary poets, artists, musicians, sports people, scientists etc in their local area! (Diana has worked with her before, and she is inspirational!)


Is there an artist who would be able to spare an hour to go into the school to talk about/show some of their work and how, in particular he/she is inspired by their environment?


Any contributions/contacts would be very welcome. In response to an artists/musicians visit the teacher would work with children to create ‘something’ related to the children’s environment using the artists style, form, media etc then that creative person would be invited back for a viewing/performance!


A couple of authors have been secured but are there any artists/musicians who would be interested?


The class of children involved are talented and full of enthusiasm and are delightful to spend time with!


Please email Diana in the first instance. Many thanks.