neil wood

Professional Sculptor & Owner/Director at Broken Mould Studios


I thought you or your associates might be interested in this series of one day sculpture workshops. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes Neil

Sculpture Saturday courses in Staffordshire

SCULPTURE SATURDAYS give you the opportunity to really get to grips with a particular aspect of sculpture and improve your technical skills. You’ll be in a small group of like-minded creative people and receive expert tuition throughout.

Introduction to Cement/Concrete Sculpture – Saturday 15th November 2014 This workshop introduces the creative potential of working with cement and for casting and direct working. Ciment fondu is often used in sculpture to create durable casts, ordinary cement is also used by sculptors, worked direct over an armature. On this course you will have a go at both and in doing so learn about the advantages and limitations of these materials and processes.

Plaster Waste Moulds for Sculpture – Saturday 13th December 2014 A knowledge of mould making and casting is an important aspect of sculptural practice and an area often neglected. On this workshop you will make a one piece plaster waste mould for relief work and a two piece waste mould used for sculpture in the round like a portrait bust or small torso. You’ll leave with a good understanding of the waste mould process and its potential for future work.

Armatures for Sculpture – Saturday 7th February 2015 The success of a sculpture often relies on the effectiveness and suitability of the armature. This workshop explores the different types of armatures, from simple wooden head pegs to more complex rigid steel armatures for larger scale work. You will develop a good understanding of the principles, applications and pitfalls of armature making through hands-on experience. You’ll learn about head-pegs for portrait busts, back-irons, flexible wire armatures and you will make (and keep) a larger scale rigid steel armature.

Flexible Rubber Moulds for Sculpture – Saturday 14th March 2015 Flexible mould making rubbers (hot-melt vinyl and RVT silicon) offer the opportunity to make repeats casts of artwork. It’ important develop an understanding of the relative merits of these materials and experience the processes, in order to use them confidently in your practice. On this workshop you will make a one piece relief mould using hot-melt vinyl (vino-mould or gelflex) and a small silicon rubber mould of a 3d object. You’ll leave with a good understanding of how to use flexible rubbers for mould making.

Cost – £95.00 per person and includes all materials and equipment and light refreshments.

To reserve your place

Email or telephone 07905305226.

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