Staffordshire, August Bank Holiday, Sat 23rd, Sun 24th & Mon 25th.
Three days £275.00 – includes all materials and equipment, light lunches and refreshments.

A three day sculpture course in rural Staffordshire, the opportunity to devote three un-interrupted days to your creative passions.

The Sculpture Weekend focuses on the traditional processes of modelling, mould-making and casting. The group size is limited to ensure a quality experience. The course is suitable for all abilities from those looking to develop new skills to accomplished practitioners. You will receive expert tuition throughout.

Day One – You will model a human torso in clay, developing good technique alongside your understanding of human anatomy and proportion. On day one you will also design and produce a rigid armature for direct plaster. Developing a good understanding of armatures is often the key to successful sculpture.

Day Two – You will make a two piece plaster waste mould of your clay torso, developing a good understanding of the basic principles of mould making. On day two you will also begin to sculpt your direct plaster piece over your rigid armature.

Day Three – On the final day you will cast your torso and continue to work on your direct plaster piece. As the course draws to a close you will learn about different colouring and finishing techniques and have the opportunity to ask any questions

If you’d like more information or to reserve a place, please don’t hesitate to contact me or telephone 07905305226 or

Yours sincerely
Neil Wood – Sculptor