Hands on Art Events


Small fabric Creations with Rachel Montgomery at The Willow Gallery

Monday 2nd June 10am to 5pm

Explore fabric, colour and texture.

Sew, bond and shred material Then reconstruct, Recycle and recharge your artistic side Creating a collage, face or animal while having some fun.

Freehand Machine Embroidery with Alison Holt at The Willow Gallery

Wednesday 4th June 10am to 4pm

Alison Holt Textile Artist, uses silk painting and freehand machine embroidery to create detailed, textured landscapes inspired by the Shropshire/Welsh countryside. She will be bringing her sewing machine to the Willow Gallery and spend the day demonstrating her unique way of working. Come along to see a range of Alison’s embroideries on display and her creative process

Wax Modelling with Beatriz Cabrera Molleja at The Willow Gallery

Saturday 7th June 10am to 5pm Dunbabin Room

Beatriz woks directly in wax for casting in bronze. Sometimes using wooden twigs for the legs of her little characters. Wax can be very strong once it has cooled. It has many advantages for its different qualities, as it can be used in the liquid form, as a more malleable material and even as a solid one for carving. With 12 years experience working for fine arts bronze casting foundries in the wax department the chance to observe and work with her should not be missed

Collaborative Phenomena with Jood Gough at The Willow Gallery

Saturday 7th June 10am to 5pm Hands on Art Box

Painting undertaken rather like a chess game but without the competition – or something akin to jazz improvisations – this is a demonstration/ workshop of collaborative painting with a difference. There will be two artists working in this way in the Willow Art in a box; it is possible that a member of the public will be invited to join them.

Cast Glass with Tony Roberts at The Red House, SY10 8EA (see Open Studios Map)

Sunday 8th June Start 10 am stay as long as you like.

Watch Tony construct and cast some 1 & 2 metre monoliths – glass and metal garden sculptures, in his woodland workshop. See examples of the type of artwork at tony-roberts.com


Painting with Des Jones at The Willow Gallery

Monday 9th June 10am to 5pm

Des works mainly in 2D using a variety of materials and supports and intends to exhibit the various processes and effects obtained during the course of his demonstration. He will be working upon several pieces using acrylic paints,printers ink ,charcoal and pastels using several subjects for representation. Hopefully this will assist visitors to appreciate the effort and processes used by the artist in producing their work.


Making Mosaic with Jim Heath at The Willow Gallery

Wednesday 11th June 10am to 5pm

A chance to try your hand at designing and making your own small mosaic.

Tuition, tools and materials provided but feel free to

bring along any spare/broken tiles or crockery.

My approach to Watercolour with Angela Scott at The Studio At Sodylt ,SY12 9EN           (see Open Studios Map)

Thursday 12th June 10am to 5pm

I would love to demonstrate my approach to paintings in watercolour and not be too precious about using this delicate medium, the colours can be vibrant and it is facinating to work with.



Computer Aided Design and Manufacture in Sculpture with Frank Triggs

at The Willow Gallery

Saturday 14th June & Sunday 15th June 10am to 5pm

Frank is a hand wood carver who has embraced modern technology using CNC routers and surface scanning. Drop in and see a range of methods for creating forms from sophisticated production software to fun stuff you can download to your I Pad . Try it yourself and see a 3D printer working.

Stained Glass with Jan Singleton at Pandy Mill Glass Studio LL20 7NT (see Open Studios Map)

Sunday 15th June 11am for 1hr

Demonstration of Jans stained glass technique.


Space and Borders Studio Workshop with Wilf Thust at The Barn Fron Uchaf, SS10 7NQ (see Open Studios Map)

Sunday 15th June 2pm to 5pm

I invite people of all ages to think and act alongside my own displays and thoughts about SPACE AND BORDERS. I will demonstrate and show images of spaces and borders reflecting where I live – right on the Welsh / English border.                                                                                             I invite you to work with me handling logs and branches and casting them with fast drying gum strip paper.

I will also draw with you outlines and borderlines with brushes and inks on roles of Tyvek paper.

I expect this to be hands on, enjoyable and inspirational for you and also for me just the same.

Come and explore some easy and fun new ideas and techniques. Please contribute £ 5.- for materials. mobile 078 544 350 68


Optimising your photos in Lightroom with Jane Birdsell at The Willow Gallery

Monday 16th June 10am to 5pm

Taking a digital photograph is only half the process: landscape and garden photographer Jane Birdsell will share the processing steps she uses to bring her original images to life. Change the colours in your photographs – warm them up, for example; or just adjust one colour that’s come out wrong. Make an image more dramatic; or go for a dreamy, pastel look. Add a vignette to highlight your subject. If you’ve captured raw data, reveal more detail in the highlights and shadows. It’s your photograph – make it express what excited you about the subject.


How to do Life Casting with Jas Davidson & Tony Meadows at The Willow Gallery

Wednesday 18th June 10.30am to 12.30pm & 2pm to 4pm

Life casting has been a part of the sculptors tool kit since the time of ancient Egypt and many sculptors have incorporated it in their work including Rodin and latterly Anthony Gormley. Come and join us for a day discussing and experiencing the techniques involved – a fun, possibly messy and certainly enthralling event is in prospect.

Cast Glass with Tony Roberts at The Red House, SY10 8EA (see Open Studios Map)

Friday 20th June Start 10 am onwards

One of Tonys hands on Make -a -Monolith Days No need for experience, all safety gear, materials, firing , outdoor mounting, etc, provided. He will be charging to cover costs, and people will have to book by contacting him. mobile07710 469237 .See examples of the type of artwork at tony-roberts.com


Stained Glass with Jan Singleton at Pandy Mill Glass Studio LL20 7NT (see Open Studios Map)

Sunday 22ndJune 11am for 1hr

Demonstration of Jans stained glass technique.


Woodcarving with Jim Heath at The Willow Gallery

Saturday 21st June & Sunday 22nd June 10am to 5pm

                                                                                                                            Jim will be demonstrating and offering you the opportunity to use his tools and equipment and  have a go at creating a small woodcarving.os14poster