Brain Coral, blind embossing © Jacqui Dodds


Jacqui Dodds

makes super prints-

Her blind embossing works are superb, and

Jacqui is regularly invited to show her work in a number of prestigious galleries.

This year Jacqui’s work was short listed for the well known

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show.

Thousands of artists enter,

so a short listing is a huge achievement, and the Academy have asked her to apply again next year.

We don’t think they are the only people

who love her work. It encompasses- minimalism, peacefulness, fine craftsmanship, and a stillness, pattern and

strength of statement that is so restful compared to

the rush and tear, multi-coloured glitz and glamour and virtual world of modern life.

Jacqui is a

member of the Borderland Visual Arts Group

and will be taking part in their Open Studios event in June this year.

Leaflets are available

in most outlets in Oswestry and the surrounding area, and you can find out more on

the group website:

Image 2, Brain Coral detail, blind embossing, © Jacqui Dodds