Photographer and writer Jane Birdsell has just published her first book. ‘Chaos & Delight: Experiments in a temporary garden’ is a

quirky celebration of the garden she made on Sweeney Mountain, just south of Oswestry. It’s an ebook, readable on any tablet, laptop or

desktop computer, and includes more than 300 of Jane’s colourful photographs.

At the same time, Jane has created a new website to show off her photographs, and launched a blog focusing on the delights and

challenges of following a creative path – there’ll be lots about photography, gardening, writing, and exploring landscapes.

An exhibition of photographs from the ‘Chaos & Delight’ project is currently showing in Oswestry Library, until 31 May.

Here are the links, which are also embedded in the text above:

(link for the book)

(link for the website)

(link for the blog)


Orchard bed jungle