Judy welcomed us all into her conservatory where a number of her beautiful, calm and intriguing works are displayed.

As she explained some of her earlier works and her art journey into stone carving, one could be in no doubt that she has found her

preferred mode of visual expression.

Jude’s art involves her in conversation with living stone. Indeed it was illuminating to hear, not only about the variations in different

types of stone, but of how they weather and are affected by wet or dry conditions, how some respond to weathering by changing the

colour of their surface layer, how some are harder to carve  while others almost tell the carver what needs to be done to them.





Wilf had sent his apologies being away in Bristol, but it was good to welcome Josie to the group and to see Geoff, Jim and see Jan and

Julie again. A lovely afternoon. Warm thanks to Jude for a lovely gathering.



Our next meeting is on the second Wednesday in May, May 7th and will be in Ellesmere at the studio of Angela Scott.

Details nearer the time.

Geoff reminded people that the Griffin Pub in Oswestry welcomes artwork to be displayed on walls in one of their rooms.

If you would like to display work, and for  more details drop into the Griffin.