This multi-sensory performance installation by

Karen Heald


Angela Davies


was superb!

The Castle was packed out for a special St. David’s day celebration and literally hoards of people

crept their way up the winding and worn stone steps to the castle rooms to enjoy a haunting


Through the use of nusual recorded sounds along with live violin, glimpses of videos and live

performance, we were

“taken to many different places”

in our thoughts and imaginations as a diminutive slight dark haired girl walked

very slowly with purpose or allowed her body to “dance” a very slow dance framed by the bars of

the castle window.

The serene yet slightly disturbing slowness of the performance contrasted sharply with the

excited crowd in the corridors snaking it’s way towards the light.

I am assured that more similar experiences are planned for the Castle.

The potential for performance art and installations is wonderful and made me think of House of

Beasts at Attingham Park. In all, a very celebratory experience.




The installation is on for the whole of march. Don’t miss it.