Bob 1

Bob warmly welcomed about 15 of us into his studio and told us about his work, his thoughts

about art and the role of artists. We inevitably touched on , and shared some of the

environmental problems facing us all today.  Thought was given to how artists, who are the ones

who help us “see”, might look for inspiring ways to re-present the world in our target driven


Amongst many other things, Bob has been drawing objects he finds outside – sometimes

discarded cans and weaving these into compositions of a different kind of landscape.

It was broadly recognised that a slowing down and a gentler and more careful

“looking” was desperately needed by all of us, especially the children being pushed through an

educational system in which only anything measurable was considered valuable.



Many thanks again Bob, for a lovely meeting.

Our next will also be in Oswestry, again on a Tuesday – March 4th at super glass artist, Rachael

Montgomery’s place.

Details to follow.

If you have art exhibitions, courses, classes or  events you would like mentioned on this blog, just email Diana on and I will endeavour to post them up for you.


FOOTNOTE: Update on CAT – Centre of Alternative Technology in Machynlleth – apparently the charity is still ok, it’s the business side of the set up that has closed, which means no cafe and shop in Machynlleth, but the centre is still operating as a charity. I am sure Wilf will be relieved!