Take Shape – A “Mindful” of Thoughts

An art installation by Diana Baur

in collaboration with Jas Davidson and Freja Evans

as part of


at The Hermon Chapel

Oswestry, September 28th 2013

Take Shape – A “Mindful” of Thoughts

is about thoughts and what they might be like given physical form. The installation suggests the permanence and heaviness of mundane and sometimes un-wanted thoughts in contrast to the fleeting nature and lightness of aspirational creative thoughts.

The work references the human condition, death, re-birth and eternal cycles, both physical and mental. It takes inspiration from the natural world and the abstract artworks of early man, as well as the chapel site itself; in an increasingly secular world, battered by religious extremism, man himself has, arguably, become the deity.



With huge thanks to Duncan Kerr, owner of Hermon Chapel for this opportunity, and Geoff Armitage, Photographer, for helping with the pre-slide photographs.