Rob and Diana met with Sandy, Joan, Dorothy and Mike and later Gill and Janie and enjoyed a lovely day at the centre. The Gordon Baldwin exhibition is on until 14th – A MUST!  We also need to go again before it ends.

“Objects for a Landscape25 May – 14 July 2013

Gordon Baldwin: Objects for a Landscape is an exhibition of work by one of the world’s most distinguished ceramic artists, a sculptural potter who has helped to redefine the expressive language of clay over the last fifty years. Baldwin’s work is a diary of thought, a physical record of his occupations and obsessions. This exhibition offers a journey through a landscape composed of vessels and sculptural forms, three-dimensional canvases or his ideas.

Gordon Baldwin: Objects for a Landscape is a touring exhibition organised by York Museums Trust. The exhibition is curated by Tatjana Marsden and designed by Martin Smith. A major publication edited by David Whiting has been produced by York Museums Trust to support the exhibition.”

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The talk on The Hidden World of Drawing by Alex McErlain and Sharon Blakey was also inspirational. We came away inspired!

IMG_1604Footnote: Lunch was also inspirational – too hot to sit outside but by a breezy open window, was perfect!