"Time Has Told Me" - Diana Baur via dianabaur.co.uk

“Time Has Told Me” – Diana Baur via dianabaur.co.uk

Far away a voice is calling,
Bells from memory do chime.
Come home again, come home again,
They call through the oceans of time.

It’s spring in the Ceiriog valley, the lambs are playing on new grass, the late daffodils are still nodding by the side of the road, and the hedgerows are just coming into leaf – and it’s time for part three of our Ceiriog exhibition at The Hand in Llanarmon D.C. Everyone has been really complimentary about the work that’s gone up since last year, and visitors and locals alike have certainly appreciated the local theme. We’ve made some unexpected sales, too, which has been a real boost.

For June, July and August, the mini-theme is – Ceiriog: Past, present and future. It’s another pretty broad theme – anything to do with the Ceiriog valley and its history, the way it is now, or what might happen in years to come. Some ideas that have already been circulating have focused on historic buildings and landscapes, the way places change from year to year, the way the generations change and so on. 

As we all know, the spring and summer is a busy season – weddings, walkers and day-trippers fill the village weekdays and weekends. There are loads of special events scheduled too – including a celebration in June for Martin and Gaynor’s tenth anniversary at The Hand!

Hopefully everyone will feel inspired – and if you’re inspiration is in need of a boost, well, there’s an excuse right there to come down to The Hand for a meal or a pint in the sunshine!

We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside,
We’ll keep a welcome in the Vales.
This land you knew will still be singing,
When you come home again to Wales.

“There’s a Welcome in the Hillside” (traditional)