The weekend got off to an excellent start, today saturday.

We were blessed with good weather, and many hands had been “on deck” before we arrived.

Balloons, banners and bunting festooned the place-

Kerry’s tea shop was up and running with delicious cupcakes-

John, Steve and Irene seemed to be everywhere at once-

Gill and Liz were putting the finishing touches to their display of artworks-

Wilf was joined by Paul who are doing interesting things with wood and canes on the other side of the pond-

Dorothy’s pots look amazing in the setting-

Tony’s glass sculptures likewise –

Jim was displaying his puppets-

the bull barn and the foyer had artworks displayed, and

Rob got on with kneeding  the lovely deep terracotta Underhill clay, while I set up an experimental table of environmentally friendly paints.

Soon visitors arrived, toured the farm, enjoyed the activities and joined in.

Irene got weaving with sheeps wool and Natalie took over when we wove it over the bull bars outside the bull barn.

Kerry supplied teas and and then picnic lunches were enjoyed in the sun.

The afternoon turned mellow and when we left we felt that tomorrow would be another fine day.











Should be a good day tomorrow seeing how the activities develop.IMG_0214