Living Art, Underhill Farm - via Amanda Jaynes

Living Art, Underhill Farm – via Amanda Jaynes

A group of us who are taking part in the Underhill Farm exhibition and fair on this coming May Bank Holiday weekend met up at the farm on Saturday to organise the exhibition spaces. We now have two large gallery spaces confirmed, and two small studio spaces also potentially available. Plus there’s the large courtyard space and the two quarry fields for activities and workshops.

We’ve also got a list of artists we know are going to be taking part:

  • Diana Baur
  • Rob Baur
  • Gill Crozier
  • Steve Evison
  • Aaron Evison
  • Jude Greaves
  • Dorothy Harrison
  • Jim Heath
  • Liz Mellor
  • Tony Roberts
  • Brenda Sandilands
  • John Swogger
  • Wilf Thust

But we still have some room, particularly in the Cattle Barn Gallery space, for anyone else if they want to exhibit. We’ve got one or two more people checking their calendars, but if you want to as well, please let us know as soon as possible! Also, if you’re a crafter of any kind, there’s still room for several more stalls for selling, demonstrating and exhibiting crafts.

The fair will run 10-4, Saturday May 4th, Sunday May 5th and Monday May 6th. In addition to the exhibition, there will also be:

  • art demonstrations, workshops and have-a-go sessions. Artists we know are doing workshops or demos include:
    • Diana, Rob, Brenda (clay & paper)
    • Dorothy (clay drawing)
    • Steve & John (landscape journaling)
    • Liz (layered paper)
  • greenwood demonstrations
  • ceramics using local clay
  • wool and other craft demonstrations
  • junior exhibition area
  • cafe (tea, coffee, soup & roll)
  • music (live, throughout the day)

It’s going to be a great weekend – lots of hands-on stuff, so somewhere to take kids and grandkids, too! Plus, if you’re taking part for the whole weekend, ask about camping!