One can be cruising along reasonably happily and, as one does periodically, problem solve effectively, or so one thinks,  when suddenly,  in a flash the blindingly obvious becomes apparent!

Such a moment occurred to Dorothy and I last week when we were pondering on the success of the last meeting held up at Glyndwr and wondering which of several venues to choose for our May meeting.

We decided, that where possible we would include visiting artists in their studios for our meetings. If their studio was small, we could pop in and see it and then meet in a nearby watering hole, for instance. If we needed to bring a kettle etc then we could. I mentioned this to John McClenaghen and he immediately offered for us to come into the Art School and see his studio space, so we will definitely take him up on that one!

SO, that having been decided, I emailed John Swogger to see if he would do us the honours for our May meeting – Wednesday May 1st at 2.0 pm in his studio in the Cambrian Buildings, Oswestry. There is a kettle there and lots of mugs, but depending on numbers it might be good to bring your own. Otherwise there should be enough seating.

John will be back fresh from conference travels and so it should be a really good session. Originally, and still currently, John is an archaeological illustrator, but he is also a 2D and 3D artist with his own interests, experiences and unusual “take” on the visual language. He is also the designer maker of all Inside Out publicity material, posters etc. So the session should be well worth attending. We look forward to seeing you there.I’ll post this up again as a reminder nearer the time.

The studio is situated in the Cambrian Buildings just behind Sainsbury’s, cross a workshop courtyard and go up the stairs by the sign “Artists Studios”  and more stairs again to John’s room on the left at the top.