Today was the P.V. of the current show of M.A. art students’ work in the Sycharth Gallery at Glyndwr University. The show is  called Space Invaders. Students have long wanted to make use of this beautiful gallery space to present their work in a gallery setting, and it certainly makes a change from seeing it in individual studio spaces in the Art School. Steve Keegan eloquently summarised the show and explained the different levels of M.A. work on display. Students feel that more should be made of the gallery in terms of inviting local art lovers, putting on themed displays and generally making good use of this wonderful clean and well lit gallery. 

Above is Diana Baur (first year M.A.) with some of her recent paintings,  and below Sandy  (M.A. in 2010) chatting with Dave Jones  (Second year M.A.) whose really interesting photographs are also on display.