Our meeting today – in a different venue, thanks to Glyndwr University, Wrexham – was very productive. Dorothy and Sue described their first workshop at Holy Trinity School in Oswestry working with a group of children using book art as inspiration. The collaboration is an offshoot of our successful day in Oswestry Library, and this first day was a huge success. Hopefully the snow will have disappeared by the time they visit again and Dawn will be there to photograph their progress.

Diana had been chosen to give a talk on her work and then the group went upstairs to the Sycharth Gallery where she had some work displayed in the M.A. exhibition put on by Steve Keeghan. (The pv for this is next Monday at 6.0pm. – all welcome)

Ideas on the next meeting were discussed. We also need a volunteer to talk about their work. (Brenda your name was mentioned!Let us know if you are up for it.) It was decided to consider different venues including possibly Oswestry Library meeting room, Underhill Farm and The Walls function room. All would be explored and watch this space for advice on where for the first Wednesday in May – May 1st. It was also suggested that an early evening meeting might be tried to allow those artists who have day jobs to attend. Also, and without confusing people, a change of day for similar reasons. There is a general lack of places for meetings where work can be discussed, so this problem needs to be cracked! All ideas most welcome please!