John Waine from Best of Oswestry put Inside Out in touch with Holy Trinity School who would like artists and artworks going on in the school. Dorothy has already arranged a pilot project working with children and parents following our successful day at Oswestry Library. On Wednesday Hayley, Dawn, Lucy and Brenda and Diana visited again with more ideas. We toured the school and the grounds, which are extensive, talked about Forest Schools, artworks, spaces and the myriad opportunities that became apparent as we walked and talked with Deputy head Jane Quinn. Some good and fruitful ideas began to emerge and individuals are working on their ideas. Dawn Field, photographer, will be on hand to photograph the events. Dawn’s stunning work is currently on display in The Willow Gallery Oswestry. Her photo collages using sky are particularly interesting, re-calling Hockney’s Pearl Blossom Highway. While we shared a moment and took refreshments there, an admirer came up and expressed his interest in her work. There are framed originals and also  mounted prints available.IMG_1031IMG_1032IMG_1034