underhill_fair_1Over lunch at our sketching day at Underhill Farm on Sunday, we brainstormed a little bit about ideas for activities and so on for the upcoming Art and Wild Craft Fair in May.

Here’s a quick note of everything that’s going on so far, plus a list of ideas for people to think about if they want to be involved:

  • Inside exhibition – the cattle barn and the calving shed (the classroom) will be available as inside exhibition space. There’s tons of wall available – the calving shed is a “clean” inside space with painted walls, the cattle barn is a little more “rough”. Gill Crozier will be hanging her paintings of the quarry in the calving shed classroom, but there’s more than enough room there for others as well. John might very well hang some drawings in the cattle barn.
  • Outside exhibition – the courtyard between the cattle barn and the calving shed is available as outside exhibition space. There’s more than enough room for several people to put up sculptures, etc., or to do some not-too-messy working, perhaps. You’ll be sharing this space with tables and chairs around the cafe, however. This might be a good place for demonstrations and workshops if the weather’s sunny.
  • Other outside exhibition space – We’re going to try and get together on April 20th (a Saturday) at the farm to decide final allocation of space for people. Don’t worry – we’ll send around a formal note by blog/email to remind everyone. But just to point out that there is tons of other space available at the farm for outside activities/exhibition/demos/etc.: the pond, the field(s), possibly around the garden. Steve will be posting a list of all available spaces soon.
  • Exhibition info sheet – I’ll be posting and emailing a quick one-page information sheet for anyone interested in exhibiting sometime next week. Drop us a comment on this post if you’d like to be included in that email circular.
  • Yurt! – Steve and Irene have just purchased (another?) Yurt, and this will go up for the weekend. We thought this would be a great place to hold kids’ activities and workshops. Just to note: all kids activities should also include the parents, so we don’t have to make special CRB provision, etc. Dorothy’s planning to run some kids’ activities here.
  • Tipi – There’s also the tipi. Not sure what might go on in here yet, but it’s another “all-weather” space just in case things get a bit damp over the weekend.
  • Field – The field by the ponds will be the driest outdoor location, and probably the best place for anyone doing anything large-scale and/or particularly messy. I think Dorothy might be doing something with the clay from the pond here, and I suspect that Wilf will be doing something at the edge of the field by the hedge?
  • Wild crafts – Steve’s confirmed that there will be a group of wild crafters also attending the weekend – green wood workers, people working with clay and wool (not necessarily together!), plus others still to come on board.

A bit of a random list, but hopefully this gets the ball rolling for ideas. Updates, suggestions and additions – just post them or add them below as comments!