SUCH A LOVELY IDEA! Thank you Sue Challis for posting this on Facebook.

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In October 2009 three artists, Shaheen Ahmed, Sue Challis and
Mandy Mullowney, began to post back and forth a small sketchbook,
filling it with text, collage and drawing. Sometimes the work, flying
between Birmingham, County Down and Shropshire, was made in
response to previous entries, sometimes it was idle doodling, often
reflections on life or study. Sometimes it seemed the sketchbook
activity provided „a longer stretch of thoughtfulness‟ (Gauntlett), or
maybe a visual way to “articulate submerged realities” (Pink);
sometimes there was just the joy of drawing, or collage, or colour.
Getting the sketchbook through the post was always exciting, like
Christmas or a birthday.



(It seems that this could be adapted to include more artists – ie one artist receives a page or two from a sketchbook from a number of artists, and compiles a brand new “mixed” sketchbook…….or two artists just send pages back and forth…..or a theme is picked for a while……..but I am sure it will have given other artists loads of ideas! Please share if you have them!)FieldHedgeSketch2IMG_0577