Illustration by Luke Ramsey on the Earth’s polarity, for “The Where, The Why and The How” (Chronicle Books). via:

Just caught a preview in today’s Observer of a new book out now called The Where, The Why and The How (Chronicle Books). In the book, 75 physicists and illustrators attempt to explain some of the big, bold, fundamental physics questions about the universe: What is antimatter? What is dark energy? How are stars born? and What existed before the Big Bang?

The really interesting thing about this book is the way that the editors chose to have both physicists and illustrators tackle the answers to these big questions. And they are big questions – questions about things that are impossible to see, difficult to imagine. Describing them with words is one thing, but it’s clear that the editors realised that only images could really really bring those impossible concepts to life.

Great science – great illustrations: “Beautiful and brainy”, says the Library Journal

For more, check out this video trailer for the book on vimeo.