Saturday saw the unveiling of Jas Davidson’s Jas. Davidson: sculptor fabulous sculptures now adorning the outside of The Griffin Inn in Oswestry. The weather was good, the beer was good, the band played , the crowds gathered and Martin Bennett, Mayor of Oswestry, resplendent with with his gold chain of office, came to unveil the sculptures.

As on all memorable occasions, some difficulties actually pulling off the veils occurred and so Jas, defying all health and safety concerns, and cries from Kate Karner for someone to hold the ladder, shinned up a ladder and the works were gradually revealed to much cheering and clapping.

We are sure that, seeing how amazing the sculptures look, and the joy they bring to people’s faces, many more Inns and eating houses will want their own bespoke set!

Below are a few snaps of a very joyful occasion.