John Wragg at the Oswestry Heritage Gallery: July 31 – August 25

Just noticed this poster on the Cambrian Studios Building noticeboard.

Fellow Cambrian Studios artist John Wragg is exhibiting at the Oswestry Heritage Gallery later this month. John’s paintings are fantastic images of geometry and colour – objects of multiple dimensions and radiant light. His work sometimes looks like diagrams from a mathematics textbook on acid. They’re really quite extraordinary – very precise, very detailed, but with a bright exuberance to them that really pulls you in. Over the years he’s produced not only painted works, but also relief, 3D and kinetic works as well, all drawing on the same inspirations. For more information about his work, have a look at his website – or head over to the Heritage Gallery:

John Wragg – Oswestry Heritage Gallery (click here for map)

Paintings / Drawings / Prints / Constructions

Tuesday 31 July – Saturday 25 August

Monday – Saturdays, 10:00 – 4:30

John’s also a member of BVA and exhibits at the Screamin’ Chicken Gallery in the Cambrian Studios Building.