Todays teeshirt – on show on Neil right now, in Radio Cafe! View the whole archive at

One of this year’s most interesting art/performance projects reaches its halfway mark tomorrow.

Neil Phillips, an “Oswestry creative” is wearing a different teeshirt every day for the whole of this year. Each tee-shirt has a message on it. Today’s is Unbelievable; others have been Sometimes I am right, Are these made in China?, I’m doing nothing, just to let you know, and Learn from that, among 183 others.

The messages give you a flavour of the project: part culture-jam installation, part standup observational politics, part anti-digital/fast culture, they’re soundbite performance art, owing almost an equal debt of heritage to Monty Python, Ben Elton and Ken Kesey.

It’s a great project – and there’s only six months left. Neil’s putting on food, film and music to celebrate the halfway mark at The Ironworks in Oswestry from 8pm this Friday, 13th July.

Curiosity piqued? Then start by checking out Neil’s excellent website – There’s a complete archive of all the teeshirts made so far, a Frequently Asked Questions page about the project with links to the project’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, and a month-by-month photo diary.

And then get along to the Ironworks tomorrow to see what it’s all about. I’ll see you there!