Big Bo Peep – street performer, Oswestry Festival of Food and Drink.

Headed into Oswestry this lunchtime to catch the second day of the annual Oswestry Festival of Food and Drink. Got in around noon, just in time to sample everything the festival had to offer: vegetable samosas, turkish meatball pie, pork pie with leeks, Berriew cider, four different kinds of local blue cheeses and Stonehouse’s new Sunlander bitter. Bumped into loads of people, met some friends, picked up a few unexpected illustration jobs, and then sat with a glass of the Sunlander under the trees at the bottom of the Bailey and did a bit of people watching – and sketching.

There was a small crowd of kids with guitars playing to the crowds and a street performer that caught my eye: a woman dressed as little Bo Peep on stilts. Big Bo Peep? Anyway, she cut such a curious figure among the crowds that I felt like I just had to draw her. Does anyone know who she was? I half wondered if there were sheep on stilts wandering around the upper end of the Bailey!

I had such a good time drawing in the sunshine – it made me think: we should really have tried to organise a sketching day during the food festival. We talked back in March about doing some art on the streets in Oswestry – maybe next year’s food festival, or the Festival of the Word? I can’t help feeling that we’re missing a bit of a trick here. Perhaps we could get some of the students down from Glyndwr, too. Anyone got any interest in doing some festival street-art in 2013?