Get in close enough and everything is abstract.

Categorized as an abstract, expressionist painter, I am always intrigued when people say things like “How do you do it?” or “I wish I could paint in a more abstract fashion” etc etc.

My paintings are rarely, if ever “worked out” – they just happen, grow and develop, the marks and colours lead me to create, so I just start and carry on. The stimulus comes from all kinds of sources – memories, feelings and sensory experiences that are usually not visual.

However, during Open Studios I pondered on this statement”I wish I could paint in a more abstract fashion” – a statement by a visitor, and when she left I went outside to sketch Jude’s wonderful poppies. Then, as an exercise, I re-drew them several times, zooming in closer and consciously simplifying the drawings as well as “pulling out” the shapes to create a design. The result is that I may use these as a stimulus for  paintings but, it is highly likely that they will bear no resemblance to the original sketches! 

I post them up (unfortunately not in the right order) as a point of interest and possible comment.