Message from an Inside Out Artist:
Thought Inside Out and you may like to know…
Grayson Perry  next Tues 5th , 10pm  ( a series of 3 programmes) Channel 4 All in the best possible taste.
(the clip showed him sketching)

Grayson Perry begins his investigation of British taste in Sunderland, a city with strong working-class traditions. Originally from a working-class background himself, Perry is interested in how our family background and the class journey we take shape the way we define ourselves through what we wear and buy, and how we live.

Perry discovers a culture of flamboyant display in Sunderland, as well as some surprising ‘ancestral echoes’ of his own upbringing. He also confronts head-on the snobbery that surrounds many people’s view of working-class taste.

Finally, Perry invites all the people he meets in Sunderland down to London for an unveiling of the artwork inspired by his experiences in their city, prompting a fascinating debate about what he has chosen to reflect back to them about their taste.