As part of our events for the North Wales Open Studios Network we would like to give you the opportunity to be part of Adain Avion the fantastic Cultural Olympiad project coming to Llandudno in July.

Adain Avion is a mobile art space created from the fuselage of a DC-9 airplane, discovered and transformed by Spanish Sculptor and designer Eduardo Cajal. Welsh artist Marc Rees will celebrate its twentieth anniversary by bringing Avion to Wales in the summer of 2012. The plane will be sited in the following locations:

Swansea (24-30th June),Ebbw Vale (1-7 July),Llandundo (8-14th July) and Llandow (4-11 August)


Once sited the plane will play host to a number of exhibitions, installations and projects  and this is your chance to be part of it.

We wanted to find a way of showcasing the diversity of talent of North Wales Open Studios network, including those artists that don’t get a chance to show their work in a  more traditional exhibitions environment.


 So we came up with the idea of creating an immersive audio installation where you can select from  themed compositions by separate  artists via wireless headphones. 


The audio installation will be accompanied and supported by a commissioned film/digital art work(s), shown on screens in the cockpit of the plane and beneath the planes glass floor interior.(See attached photos to get an idea of the space)



There is a small commissions budget available  and a technician is on hand to support and give technical advice.


The sound scape and films/digital artworks can be abstract or it could reimagine surreal moments in the town’s vivid history.


Here are some true stories from Llandundo’s past to get you excited!

The Suffragettes: Llandudno Pier was the last target of the Suffragettes.

They unsuccessfully tried to set fire to it in 1914.


The Human Fireball: In the 1930’s Llandudno’s Human Fireball would cover himself I petrol, set himself light and leap into the sea for the entertainment of visitors. Wearing only a rubber suit for protection the finale of his act included setting a plank out over the side of the pier, transforming himself into a ball of flame and then riding a bicycle out into open air before plummeting out of control into the sea. At night this was such a frighteningly spectacular event that women were known to faint at the sight of it. LITTLE IS KNOWN OF LLANDUDNO’S HUMAN FIREBALL, NOT EVEN HIS NAME. NOTHING BUT THE FACT THAT HE ONLYHAD ONE LEG.


The Birdman of Llandudno: From 1871 onwards Gicanto Ferraria gathered wild birds around him by firing a blunderbuss into the air. These birds, together with his own would then perform tricks for him and entertain the crowds.

Llandudno is also home to one of the oldest Punch and Judy shows in Great Britain,  handed down through generations of the Codman family, which have run Punch and Judy shows  on the prom since the 1860’s.





If you are interested please get in touch with me and fill in the attached proposal form.


For further information please go to: