• I posted a recently sold work on Facebook and Graham responded and made me think:-
    “Nice work Diana. Very direct and not overworked. Was this a spontanious piece or the outcome of a development process?”
  • I replied:
  • “Graham, this is one of a set of three all on raw canvas, and yes part of a developmental process that I am following alongside other works and methods. I love Sandra Blow’s work, and she often used whole or part raw canvas allowing the liquid paint to soak into the cloth. (See Sandra Blow “Glad Ocean”) Helen Frankenthaler likewise, but I think she used dyes as well – something I’ve used and actually need to get back to.”
    My approach to the physical act of painting always seems to be spontaneous, but as I practice I am aware that developmental processess that have become part of my approach are just “pulled in” to the spontaneous act.
    Much of what I do is, I think, a visual response to non-visual sensory experiences – sound, touch and emotions generally. But the jury is still out……..it has to be!!
    Diana May 2012