I’ve just received this interesting idea via Helfa Gelf:-

From Sandra Anglesea – phone and leave a message. 01492515244.)
This is an opportunity to exhibit and sell work on the promenade in Rhos on Sea, similar to Hyde Park Corner, or if you like the banks of the river Seine in Paris.
“Prom Art” is every Sunday in Rhos-on-sea opposite the Caley pub on the prom.It starts on Sunday May 6th then every Sunday to September 2nd.
 I shall be there from 10.30 to 5pm as many fellow artists are. The cost is £20 to join that covers the cost for the full summer; for that you get a membership card that allows you to hang the work and sell to the public. We stay with our pictures, none of us feel the need to have insurance. I personally attach two mirror plates at the top of my work one each side and secure to the railings with cable ties. its good Opportunity for the public to see our work in Wales…kind regards Sandra. 
FOR INFORMATION CONTACT SANDRA ANGLESEA – phone and leave a message. 01492515244.)Sandra Anglesea