A network of small-scale artists' spaces around Scotland... What about a network of small-scale artists' spaces along the Borderlands?

I’ve just been reading about a really interesting project in the Guardian about a unique art project in Scotland. How does this sound to you?

Our patch of wilderness was in fact only four miles from Aviemore, in the Cairngorms National Park, but the cabin we were staying in had been specifically designed for visitors seeking isolation… A one-room hut with a platform bed, table, bench seat, sofa, sink and stove, the corrugated iron bothy crouches like a minimalist doll’s house in a secluded birch- and bracken-speckled dell.

Stoking the fire and lighting candle lanterns in the all-but-silent gloaming, we felt miles from civilisation. […]

The main aim [of the Bothy Project] is to provide a way for artists to explore the history, ecology, landscape and people of a place […] trialling a pioneering idea: the crossover between tourism and art.

Run by a former antiques dealer and his wife, a children’s author, the little bothy aims to be the seed of a “network of small-scale artists’ spaces around Scotland.”

Doesn’t this sound inspiring? Haven’t all of us who live along the borderlands said at some point: “What a fantastic place to live and work!” The Ceiriog Valley, the villages of North Shropshire, the edge of the Clwydian range, the Dee Valley – amazing places to live and work for us, what about for other artists? Anyone know of out-of-the-way places that might work as rentable artists’ retreat studios?