Not only a dab hand with the mackerel pate and the garlic mushrooms, Dot knows what looks good too!

Thanks to Wilf Thust’s workshop at The Willow Gallery Oswestry, Chloe Abbatt was able to watch her piece of artwork being displayed in the Willow Cafe.

Thank you Dot!!

“Garden” by Chloe Abbatt
inspired by Wilf Thust’s “On lines” workshop 25/02/12
(The drawing of the plants, trees, beach etc is one long continuous line)
 Don’t forget that Wilf is repeating the talk on his work this Saturday 3rd March at 11.0 at The Willow Gallery and this will be followed by a workshop on folding in the afternoon. On the 10th March Wilf has another workshop on hanging and display. Artists and non-artists alike will find Wilf’s artistic and philosophical view on the world fascinating. Not to be missed.