The Vikings are Coming! via Allan Harris on Flickr.

Spent the weekend up in York for the last day of the Jorvik Viking Festival. Swords, fire, fur and lots of shouty, bearded members of the Regia Anglorum re-enactment group. They had a big fight on the fields of the York racecourse, burned a ship, set off a bunch of fireworks and then retired to the pubs and clubs of York to drink and feast and make merry. All looked very spectacular – and there were loads of photo opportunities with Vikings on mobile phones and shopping at Marks and Spencer’s through the day.

Unfortunately, my camera failed at the last moment, so I had to nick this photo from Flickr, from Allan Harris’ photostream. Judging by his friends and photos, he’s possibly a re-enactor himself – or just a big Viking fan!

Anyway, next year I’m taking my sketchbook instead…