Anyone else out there interested in comics?

Are there any illustrators, writers or artists out there interested in getting together to share skills on comics?

As most people know, I’ve become very interested in comics following publication of the comic book I wrote with Kirsti Evans about Asperger Syndrome – “Something Different About Dad“. Since then I’ve become involved in the use of comics in medicine and medical education through a series of international conferences organised through Graphic Medicine. I’m also now working on the use of comics in archaeology through the Visualisation in Archaeology workshop and conference project at Southampton University.

I think comics are a much underrated medium, and bring together image and text in really exciting ways – I think they have great potential for educators in all fields as well as those interested more generally in story-telling and narrative.

Is anyone out there also working on comics or comics-related stuff in and around Oswestry? Are you interested in getting together to share ideas, etc.? If so, leave a comment and I’ll get in touch.