Can you divide this photo up according to the Golden Rectangle?

A great day sketching out at Whittington Castle – a bit on the chilly side, perhaps, but with the Castle cafe and the White Lion close at hand, no one suffered any permanent damage!

Half a dozen of us hardy souls met up at the Whittington Castle carpark and braved sub-zero temperatures through the morning and afternoon. We were fuelled by tea and coffee from the excellent Castle Cafe, and by a really nice lunch in the – lovely and warm! – snug of the White Lion next door.

Whittington Castle - roofs, turrets and windows

Thanks to Sue Ellis from the Castle who offered us the use of a room in the Castle next time for storing bags and keeping warm. And she also pointed out that the function room at the Castle is available for exhibitions, etc. It’s a lovely Castle-chapel type room, used for Wedding functions and the like. Wrexham Art Society is apparently holding an exhibition of Castle-themed works there later in the year – it’s big enough to hang about 100 works, or could even accommodate 3D and installation pieces.

Despite the cold and the cloud, I think everyone managed to get a fair amount of drawing, photographing and sketching done. It’s a great place to spend a day with a pad and pencil, and we’ll certainly be planning a return visit (perhaps when it’s a bit warmer!).

Next sketching venue is Radio Cafe, this evening between 6 and 9pm – warmer than Whittington Castle! See you there…