land; terrain;earth;territory is one of the current exhibitions on at MOMA in Machynlleth and well worth seeing. This project has brought six professional visual artists from their native Celtic communities to live and work in a neighbouring culture, sharing ideas and skills with their Celtic cousins and developing their own work. On until 29th Feb.Moma Wales

There is some fascinating work by Catrin Williams who combines fabric, paint and textiles. I particularly liked the work of Jonathan Macleod who who discovered “links with Welsh music and birdsong…”

Of the five works he exhibits called Birdsong 1-5, I liked this particular one best. As someone who is fascinated with the multi sensory, it got me thinking about  how interesting it is to consider expressing one sense e.g. the aural with another e.g. the visual, as Macleod has done here. The elusive, fragile and transitory nature of birdsong is so well captured by the materials that he has used to make his work. This photograph hardly does the piece justice.