FROM WAR HORSE NEWS: It took 14 different horses to play the part of Joey in the DreamWorks Pictures film War Horse. Producer and director Steven Spielberg made sure that at least one of them was front and center at the London premiere of the film on 8 January 2012. In this brief video*, you see Spielberg, along with lead actor Jeremy Irvine (Albert) enjoy a brief reunion with Sultan, the “Joey” who galloped through the trenches in the film. The reunion took place on the red carpet outside the theater–where all the stars could be found, but Joey got there first–and attracted the biggest crowd! He was led in by Brithdir stunt rider Tom Cox. Among his admirers on the red carpet: Prince William and Kate. Video compiled by Fran Jurga’s War Horse News

(*Type in War Horse Tom Cox on Youtube)

Also have a look at the horse puppets that were made for the play – amazing works of art operated by two people and ridden in a highly realistic was by a soldier.