Jim Heath explains
This piece of work has taken me out of my comfort zone in a couple of ways. This is partly because I’m not particularly into
cars. (Although I did “The Way” last year and I’m not really into trains either)  Also, although I’ve always fancied having a go
at a large trompe l’oeil mural this is the first time I’ve tried it.
The starting point for this project was a series of digital photos taken at our local garage, Terry’s Autos in Chirk.  I used
Photoshop to combine elements from three of these images to create the composition.  The image was printed out at 1/12
scale and transferred, freehand, to the plywood boards using the grid system (ie; 1″ squares on the print-out to 12″ squares
on the boards).  This was done with a charcoal pencil with the boards laid side by side flat on the studio floor, which worked
OK for that part of the operation but was not a practical, or comfortable, position for long periods.  On the other hand, due to
the architectural restraints of my studio it was not possible to position the whole thing vertically.  Therefore for the bulk of the
painting, in acrylic, I had to work on each half seperately.  Fortunately when the two pieces came together prior to installation
most of the relevant details lined up quite well.