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Notebook Meeting Tomorrow!

David Nash at Oriel Mostyn late last year - something to inspire us all!

Just a quick reminder to everyone: our monthly “Notebook Meeting” is tomorrow, 2pm at the Willow Gallery.

Come along for some good art conversation and updates on exhibitions, classes/workshops and projects.

Bring along your sketchbooks or work to share!


This should put a spring into the steps of all artists and aspiring artists! Workshop dates are  Feb 11th, 18th, 25th and March 1st and 10th with an artist’s talk on Friday 17th February from 7.30-9.0 pm. Up to 10 per workshop, all ages welcome and book in advance – on 01691 657575

Saturday at Radio

Sketching Evening, Saturday at Radio Cafe in Oswestry - art, coffee and tiny wooden people!

Radio Cafe was packed on Saturday evening – big crowd for such a small place. Me, Freja and Rachael were the only Inside Out artists who could make it. Several phoned to say they would have liked to, but couldn’t at such short notice. I’m sorry I couldn’t give more of a heads’ up to people – I only heard on Friday that the cafe was going to be open.

Still, the three of us sat around and drew, painted and photographed to our hearts’ content – and tucked into some delicious tapas (beetroot hummus, cone of fried squid, fried squash risotto balls), rum cocktails (Dark and Stormy’s with an extra twist of lime) and coffee – for the best part of three hours.

Good company, good food, good art – good time had by all!

I’d love to make this a semi-regular thing. Radio’s going to be open every Saturday night (except this coming Saturday, Feb. 4th), and ramping up their PR machine (posters, Facebook page, etc.) to draw in not only more people, but more things happening – music, poetry, etc., etc., And that’s a point, actually: if you’re in charge of a poetry group, a book club, a magic society or anything similar, and you’re interested in doing some tricks, reading some poetry, holding a reading somewhere on a Saturday night where you can get great food and a drink – stop into Radio and talk to Saffron. I’m sure he’d love to have you come along – that’s the kind of Saturday evening he’s trying to create.

Anyway, we’ll talk through all this on Wednesday at our Notebook Meeting (Willow Gallery, 2pm) – and hope you can make the next sketching evening at Radio!


An award winning A level project. Award Winning A Level Art Coursework Project

Wonderful dawn photos from Sue Austin – enjoy!

land; terrain;earth;territory

land; terrain;earth;territory is one of the current exhibitions on at MOMA in Machynlleth and well worth seeing. This project has brought six professional visual artists from their native Celtic communities to live and work in a neighbouring culture, sharing ideas and skills with their Celtic cousins and developing their own work. On until 29th Feb.Moma Wales

There is some fascinating work by Catrin Williams who combines fabric, paint and textiles. I particularly liked the work of Jonathan Macleod who who discovered “links with Welsh music and birdsong…”

Of the five works he exhibits called Birdsong 1-5, I liked this particular one best. As someone who is fascinated with the multi sensory, it got me thinking about  how interesting it is to consider expressing one sense e.g. the aural with another e.g. the visual, as Macleod has done here. The elusive, fragile and transitory nature of birdsong is so well captured by the materials that he has used to make his work. This photograph hardly does the piece justice.

Dead bicycle

This has to be one of the best “found objects” of the century – especially as it is padlocked to the railing (one would have to cut out that section of the railing to exhibit it!) and just a few yards from the Museum of Modern Art in Machynlleth. I wonder if Saatchi would approve?  Remember the Saatchi programme where the artist who finally got to display her work in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg exhibited a piece of railing onto which a large chunk of tree had become impaled?

“Tomb of the Kings” will be exhibited in the Rainforest Gallery in Kuilap, Bandar from next week. The piece is selling at $450 o.n.o 

ACE NEWS FROM Lucy Wickstead! It’s a great painting.

Should’ve gone

Sketching Evening at Radio Cafe, Baily St., Oswestry - tomorrow

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