Quarry workings above Limeworks, Llanymynech - John S., 2011

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday to Llanymynech and made the sketching day at the Limekilns so enjoyable. I have to wonder now why we hadn’t done this sooner! Thanks in particular to Maddie for bringing along her Dad’s old sketchbooks to  show us, and to Joan Zorn for arranging the booking of the Limey’s stables for tea and somewhere to have lunch in case it rained.

But it didn’t rain. The weather was fantastic – perfect, even. Warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky – absolutely ideal.

Inevitably, we started to talk about doing it again. With winter looming cold and snowy on the horizon, I expected that there wouldn’t be much appetite for any more Sketching Days until the spring. But a hard core of people declaimed their winter hardiness, and with Scott-like determination, said that they would be more than happy to brave the ice and snow for a winter sketching day in the not-too-distant future. Diana and I wondered about a day down in Llanarmon if (when?) it snows. It would probably be pretty short notice, but we could at least be sure of retiring to The Hand for tea, coffee and perhaps a nip of brandy if we all discovered we were less hardy than we thought!

Lots of other suggestions for people for spring/summer days out and about around Oswestry. But for all those who come from a bit further North – Wrexham and slightly beyond – what about suggestions for sketching days in your neck of the woods?

So, great day – soon to be repeated, no matter what the weather.